Morning Meeting at Discovery

The other day I joined several of my colleagues at Discovery Charter. Several administrators from progressive schools in our area get together on a regular basis. We are resolved to learn from our colleagues, share best practices and resources, ask each other tough questions, and provide one another support.

We recently reinstated site tours and morning meetings. In addition to catching up with one another and sharing updates on our sites’ activities, this practice also gives us the opportunity to visit several classrooms.

What a wonderful school! The campus is very clean but what stood out were the hand painted areas throughout and the thoughtful learning students were engaged in. Vivid colors on the planters, paintings similar to Keith Haring’s work hang between each of the classrooms. Teachers and students move about the campus exuding joy and curiosity. We jumped and danced and stretched with kinders as we counted to 110. We dropped in on a class meeting as students were discussing a social experiment. We also observed an exciting physics demonstration on standing waves. Thank you Dale for inviting us over and being such a gracious host!

Colorful GardenArt surrounds the campus

Another idea that resulted from our meeting was a multi-school Ignite! It’s coming up later in April and we’re looking forward to the event. 10 presentations, 5 minutes each, 20 slides, and a lot of fun. This round’s question “What is Progressive Education?”

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