Ignite McAuliffe! April 25th 7 – 9

Hi Everyone,

On April 25, from 7-9, McAuliffe will host the first Silicon Valley Progressive Educator Network Ignite!

Two hours total.

Ten presentations from progressive educators around the valley.

Five minutes each.

Followed by conversations and an opportunity to meet with families and educators from other progressive schools in our area.

Each presentation will focus on the question, “What is Progressive Education?”

Interested? It should be fun!

Take a look at the flyer and join us! (Hint see the Yahoo group)

We are looking in to the possibility of child care but at this time it’s an adult night out event.


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4 responses to “Ignite McAuliffe! April 25th 7 – 9

  1. Hoi

    Hey Rick, Is the event in April or August? 🙂
    Nice blog, great idea!
    – Hoi

  2. Vaishali Joshi

    Hi Rick
    The link for this post still has “August” in it. You may want to fix it. https://mcauliffeschool.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/ignite-mcauliffe-august-25th-7-9/

    I love the blog!! Keep it up and Thank you!!

    • Thanks! I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of blogging and didn’t realize I needed to change the link address as well. It should be correct now.

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