McAuliffe Students Share About Their Learning Experience at the Board Meeting

“The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.” – Mark Twain

This evening several of Fran’s (5th) and Nancy’s  (1st) students made a presentation to the Cupertino school board members. Community, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity…it was all in there both in their words and the way they presented. Our students were eloquent and poised and excited.  They developed the presentation in a way that was meaningful to them and WOW! What a hit!! The timing from one student’s part to the next was fluid and what they shared was as powerful as they way they shared it, as a community supporting one another.

Another piece of the presentation was the powerpoint that we have shared with many families on our tour and information nights. It’s certainly an older one but it was masterfully done and captures in pictures so many of the amazing aspects of our school community and the learning opportunities our students are afforded.

We are in the process of updating our video and powerpoint presentations. We’d love to hear your ideas of the key elements that capture our community: events, learning opportunities, field trips, creative X/Electives, etc.  Please let us know and we’ll work to include them in the our newest production. If you have ideas, please send them to me, Wendy, or drop them off in the office.

Thank you again to the students who presented tonight, their parents, Fran and Nancy, for such an engaging and fun presentation!


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3 responses to “McAuliffe Students Share About Their Learning Experience at the Board Meeting

  1. Hua

    Hi Rick, I enjoyed reading all your blogs. Thank you!!
    Wonder if anyone has video recording for our students’ presentation to CUSD board? Would love to see it!

    • Hi Hua!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Not sure about video, perhaps a parent that was there? I have a few pictures from the event and will post those on our site once we figure out how to make it a bit more secure.

  2. Thanks Hua,

    Not sure if anyone video taped but many of the parents took pics. It was one of the many fun moments we’ve had this year!

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