Who says May is a wind-down month?!?!

Whoever said that May is a wind down month for schools needs to visit McAuliffe!

Outdoor Classrooms:
In the past seven days ½ of our Middle School students returned from their trip to Ashland, the other ½ left for their trip to Shasta. Staff and parents play a supporting role only in this endeavor. The students planned, organized, shopped, and prepped this trip on their own. Sure the students make mistakes. It’s part of the experience. And what great trips and memories for them!!

On the stage:
We had four outstanding performances by two casts and Origami “All of pants must you wet!” “The twist you must learn!” “To be or not to be…in the backpack…” Yoda will never be the same in my mind. Thank you Tom Angleberger for writing it and Ben’s class for adapting it to the stage!

Pacifica School District visits McAuliffe:
This past Tuesday 24 teachers, parents, administrators, and board members of the Pacifica School District and a representative from the CA Department of Education visited McAuliffe. I loved that our presentation and the tours were truly representative of our program. Parents, Teachers, and I worked together to share our school with this community of learners.

They started off the day with a tour of our classes, followed by a presentation of interdisciplinary units of study from third grade team. They focused on the Elkus experience our third graders just completed.

We shared about our school’s philosophy and the critical role parents play in our program.

I appreciated their thoughtful questions. A few that stood out for me included:
1. It seems like this school has the flexibility of focusing on non-test-driven learning. How do we make the transition to this type of model?
2. Based on the level of complexity of the units, it seems like your teachers spent a considerable amount of time refining and developing the lessons (learning opportunities). How do you support staff in developing this cohesive approach to learning?

Art Show:
Today is our annual art show. We strongly encourage you to come and see examples of our students’ creative displayed around campus.


Learning Day:
While you begin a four-day weekend tomorrow, the faculty will be meeting with David Foster, the executive director of the Silicon Valley Math Initiative to discuss ways to enhance our students’ experiences with mathematics.

Silly Olympics:
This coming Tuesday, from 12:30 – 2, our students will participate in a range of student created silly events. This is also an opportunity for you to socialize with other parents and enjoy an afternoon together. Look for more information from Jenny.

Science Day/Night:
Next Wednesday is our Science Day/Night event. The event has grown from two classrooms and is now open to the entire school. Come see the experiments and learn from our students!

There is even more ahead! Have a wonderful four-day weekend. We’ll see you on Tuesday.


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