Superheroes drop in for spring cleaning

Last June, Ben and I toured the Transformative Learning Technologies Laboratory at Stanford University. We observed groups of students who spent the last month designing and building as part of a high school internship program.

In groups of 3 or 4, the students interviewed a classmate to determine their greatest need (eg. a way to know if someone was sneaking up on you while waiting for the bus, or a pillow that would prevent one from oversleeping, etc.).

They then set off to design and build a solution to fill that need. Their results were nothing short of fantastic! Not only did they come up with ideas, but they built those ideas into reality!

In the coming months we are exploring ways to provide similar opportunities for our students. As we prepare to develop our own Fab/Design Lab, it is important that we stay focused on the deeper goal of education, providing tools for our students to question the status quo, considering options that range from simple to fantastical, and actively engage in ways to better our community locally and at large.

So why this video? It’s more than a great example of superheroes washing a few windows to the delight of children. They are a group of community members who saw a need and filled it.

This year, as we tackle the challenge of developing opportunities for our students, how might you fill a need in your community?

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August 12, 2013 · 3:50 am

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