For Doctor Who Fans…

Of course…If you’re a Whovian, you already know about this, however for the rest of the world, here’s a different way to experience Google Maps.


“In news that will probably shock no one, the number-crunching nerd-lords at Google are big fans of Doctor Who. But while most Whovians can only express their love for the show by watching all fifty million episodes andhugging human beings dressed like police telephone boxes, the Google people can actually bring Doctor Who to life, using science and stock options to break through the fourth dimension — which is why you can actually find the Google logo embedded in early cave paintings, if you look closely enough. But that’s all top-secret Google Xstuff. To amuse us little people, Google has created one of the single greatest internet easter eggs in the history of easter and eggs: You can now find the TARDIS on Google Maps, at a location marked as “Police Telephone Box.” (The address appears to be “Earl’s Court Rd, London, Greater London SW5 9RB, United Kingdom,” which I’m sure local Who supernerd/token Brit Clark Collis would say is a reference to some episode of Who from the ’70s.)

Even better, if you click on the double arrows outside of the TARDIS, you can actually go inside. Unfortunately, at this point, you can only walk around the bridge. So no swimming pool, no library, and no exploding star/black-hole power-source. Still, we can all agree this is much cooler than most of the boring real things on Google Maps.



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August 15, 2013 · 12:47 am

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