Welcome to an Exciting New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful, adventure-filled summer vacation. The faculty and staff at McAuliffe would like to welcome all of our new families and welcome back our returning families to another year of learning and wonder.

Our faculty, staff, and the PFG have been busy preparing the school for the year ahead. We’ve had lots of unpacking to do and that has given us the opportunity to purge unneeded items and create new and exciting learning environments.  We want to thank all of the parents who stopped by and lent a hand as we put our campus back in order. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Four Academic Priorities:

In addition to planning highly engaging, hands-on learning opportunities for your children, we also have been in conversation around our priorities for the year: focus on our Philosophy, enhance our Writing Program, align our instructional program with the Common Core State Standards, and continued practice of Responsive Classroom. Throughout the year, in our newsletters and class meetings, you will hear more about our priorities, what they mean, and how we are addressing them.

Monday Morning Kickoff:

We invite you to join us bright and early, Monday morning for our annual welcome back, first day of school celebration.  In addition to the start of an exciting new year, it’s a time for new families to connect and returning families to reconnect.  For new families we will be happy to help you locate your child’s room and look forward to getting to know you. We’ll even have coffee available for those (parents) needing a little pick me up in morning.

Expect traffic and challenges with parking…it’s always like that.  So come early, to avoid the rush, and enjoy the morning with us.

Bond Measure and Construction Updates:

McAuliffe School and your children are benefiting from campus-wide upgrades thanks to the bond measure you helped pass last year. Over the summer, McAuliffe School went through several renovation projects. We started with a plumbing upgrade to ensure that we are free of standing water and all our drains are working. With the upgrades to our drainage system complete, the next stage of construction began.

The roof of the school was painted “McAuliffe Green” and the walls were treated with a tinted sealer similar to a Thompson Sealer that you might use on your fence. Our hope is to preserve the wood and protect it from the eroding effects of the sun. The sealer should hold up for the next 5-7 years and it looks great! I hope you love the natural colors and the way that our McAuliffe Green blends in with our many trees and plants as much as we do!

Next we upgraded our entire Internet network. This included replacing old network cables with new ones, fixing the drop boxes, and installing a more robust wireless infrastructure so that every room has the ability to access the network.

At the same time, our kindergarten play area received a new look. We relocated our kinder shed and installed a sunshade. Now our kinder students will have more room to play, grow, and learn, and a shady area with UVA/UVB protection to eat under if they choose.

Last but not least we installed better lighting around the school. This is important because of our many night meetings and events. We are also installing improved lighting in our parking lot. There are a few parts on back order so look for them to be completed in the next few months.

As with all construction projects, there are few things that need to be corrected and we are working with our contractors to make that happen. If you notice anything of concern, please let your classroom teacher know and we’ll address it right away.

Welcome back to McAuliffe and to a grand adventure in the year ahead!



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