Meet Mildred, the Trompe L’oeil Sea Monster

Wouldn’t something like this be fantastic at McAuliffe? I could see it sitting on our front lawn, the blacktop, the hallway b/w the 4/5s and Kinder… Who’s up for making something like this? What would we need to make it happen?


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2 responses to “Meet Mildred, the Trompe L’oeil Sea Monster

  1. Hello! Glad you like “Mildred”! Several of my murals around the city have been at public schools and funded by New York Cares. I bet we could get them to fund a project like this. I could take you through the process of developing a concept, showing you how to make it, and involving the community in its creation. The creation of large scale images can be a really interesting process, and its a great hands on activity. Let me know if you would like my help. -Shana (Mildred’s maker)

    • Hi Shana,

      Thanks for your offer. I would love to connect with you and learn more about the process. How should we start? Can you send me an email with a way to contact you?
      Here’s my email:

      Thanks again for sharing this very creative idea!


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