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Blogging is an interesting process. Over the past few weeks I found myself inundated at school and let blogging slip to the wayside. I suppose that will happen from time to time. We all have to prioritize and in that process, I let go…albeit temporarily, this newer form of communication.

Here’s what I learned:
It is okay to take an occasional break from the day to day tasks to recharge and refocus. It is equally important to take some time away from your tech…yes even the news sites or blogs or work email or Facebook or Pinterest or video games or whatever may be calling to you even now as you read this…and give that time to your children and friends and family. It may not seem like much, a few minutes here or there, but that time offers the opportunity to make incredibly special memories.

So what happened? 
I found that I was spending a lot of time on work both here at the office and at home. Unlike some, I believe that a certain amount of this is healthy…all things in moderation. Neither is it lost on me that for most of us in the working world, spending time on-task and sometimes even at home that is unavoidable. Hopefully, like me, you have a job that you love doing because it really makes the time worthwhile. Those precious 5, 10, or 30 minutes can often help us complete that time sensitive project or even better, spark a fantastic new idea!  But all things in moderation, so when 5 – 30 minutes stretch into hours and hours, it’s time to reflect on what is happening. So I did and found that I needed a reset.

It was Madeline’s (Levine) words that we (adults) need to enjoy a life that our children look forward to that most resonated with me.   Thanks Madeline! There are many adages that support this. Work hard. Play hard. You Only Live Once (YOLO), etc.

So what did that mean for me?
Well… I took a break from blogging and Facebook and tech and spent time with my family and friends and enjoyed their company. I caught my breath and found a bit of time to read too. I had a blast reading Ender’s Game with my kids and am currently enjoying Malcolm Gladwell’s work, David and Goliath, that I received from some good friends.  

Of course, it’s funny that as I write this a teacher walked in and observed that I have three different devices sitting on my desk…MacBook Pro, iPad, and my phone. All things in moderation right??

So what now?
I’m glad that I took the time to refocus and I’m equally excited to resume writing. With the first rains and cooler temperatures setting in, winter is knocking on our door. The holidays are upon us and what better time to recalibrate one’s work/life balance.

Thank you for your patience in my absence. There is a lot happening at McAuliffe these days and I look forward to sharing them with you.


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