Happy holidays and New Year!

Hi Everyone,

This is my last newsletter for 2013. I’m always excited by this time of year. I suppose my excitement for the season began very early on with our annual family ski trip, the two weeks of holiday, and lots of time. Time to explore and play and meet with friends and family and read (yes…I’ve always liked reading… though back then I leaned a bit more toward science fiction and fantasy…okay…all I read was science fiction or fantasy)…and get outside.  I love winter and the holidays and the New Year!

For this newsletter, I immediately went to Mark Twain…what did he have to say about the year’s end? As always, Samuel is a delightful writer and while I enjoyed his thoughts and chuckled a bit over them, his words were a bit too colorful for a newsletter article.  I then looked at Google’s Zeitgeist ( http://www.google.com/zeitgeist). I loved that too, but I wouldn’t capture the essence of it in a single article…so I’m providing you the link.

Instead, I impart to you Benjamin Franklin’s sage advice, “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man [or woman].”

When there are difficulties, we band together, support one another, and fight through them…together. As a result, we become an even stronger community. When there are celebrations(…and there are ALWAYS celebrations at McAuliffe!), we are, in fact, honoring our differences and similarities by recognizing the things that make each of us unique and wonderful…These are a just a few of the reasons why McAuliffe is such a special place to be and to learn and to grow for all of us (children and adults).

I am incredibly grateful for the wonder and joy and curiosity and exploration and friendships and caring and support and teaching and learning and celebrations that exist at McAuliffe. We are all responsible for them and as a result, each day, we make McAuliffe an even better place.

As this year comes to a close and a new door opens I wish you and your family the very best.  Our thoughts are with the families that are going through difficult times. If you need us, just ask, and we are here to support you.

Whether you are traveling or staying close to home, I hope that your holiday is full of joy and excitement. Make memories. Reflect on this past year and, as Ben says, “let each new year find you a better man [or woman].”


Happy New Year!





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