January Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to school. I hope your vacation was restful and filled with time with family and friends.

One thing that challenged me over the break was trying to figure out what are appropriate limits for the use of technology. One hour of screen time a day… two? What counts as a screen? What if you’re using tech to take pictures? Does that count too?

At Jeanette’s parent meeting last night, I shared that I am an immigrant to modern technology. While I feel fairly comfortable exploring new tech, our children have always had the internet, high speed computing, cell phones, social media, and most have always had Google…

Our kids aren’t playing Zork on 8-inch floppies, Pitfall on Atari, or dialing up the local…or not so local…BBS. Today’s kids are faced with an onslaught of always on, readily accessible information.  Online gaming is easier to access than ever and the way that we are able to stream information and communicate with one another is fantastic and, at times, overwhelming.

Over the next few months, I will explore this issue and I invite you to share your thoughts with me. If you do, I will be happy to include them in upcoming editions of the newsletter.

January is a busy month. As our tours kick into high gear we will see more potential families visiting the school. The Variety Show is just around the corner. Hold on as we kick off the new year!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


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