According to Punxsutawney Phil…6 more weeks of winter…

This is the 101st time he has seen his shadow since 1887…unfortunately, CNN tells us that the National Climatic Data Center has evidence that Phil is wrong most of the time.

I fully understand the desire by large parts of the country for a quick winter departure. However, living in California, we have yet to see winter arrive. Sure…sure…my friends on the east coast tell me how lucky I am. Northern California really is a wonderful place to live! But I have to admit that I am concerned that we haven’t had the rainfall we need.

This year has been oddly absent of the torrential down pours we usually experience. Instead, we are discussing the possibility of CA entering a phase called a Mega Drought… much less appealing. Of course, with only a few months of record low rainfall, I’m not sure we’re in the best position to claim the drought will last 20 years, but it is certainly thought provoking.

So 6 more weeks and hopefully double-digit rainfall for CA please. If that means warming up the rest of the country…well that would be a win-win wouldn’t it?

Thanks Phil!


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2 responses to “According to Punxsutawney Phil…6 more weeks of winter…

  1. mega drought is not to be taken lightly!
    a wonderful blessing of rain here,
    i even experienced snow in the hills
    outside of ukiah.
    i just posted a meditation
    for rain gratification 🙂

    • Thanks for liking the post and for sharing your meditation. I’m so glad that you experienced rain and snow today. We had a few moments of rain as well. It truly is peaceful and rejuvenating.

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