Communication at McAuliffe

Dear McAuliffe Community:

I really enjoy sharing aspects of our campus life and activities with you. Over the past few years I’ve come to the realization that, even though we are a very active and tight knit community, it is difficult, if not impossible, to see or hear about everything that is happening at McAuliffe on any given week, which is why I write the newsletter and blog.

This month I’m trying a new path in communication. A few weeks ago, 10 representatives from the Oak School in Los Altos visited us to learn more about our social emotional learning program and Responsive Classroom. They really enjoyed their McAuliffe experience and went away with many great ideas for their school community.

They also challenged me to become more digitally relevant by communicating via Twitter. I heard the call and taken up the challenge.

Here are a few ways that I endeavor to facilitate improved communication at McAuliffe.

–                write bi-monthly newsletters.

–                share activities at our PFG and other community meetings.

–                send out occasional community-wide emails.

–                maintain a blog; ( and recently

–                created a Twitter account. @McAPrincipal

Through my adventures in writing, I’ve learned quite a bit about the challenges and joys of reflecting and sharing thoughts with others. I’ve learned that I need to deliberately set aside time to make it happen (which isn’t always easy in a school setting). Because there are so many things happening at McAuliffe, I realize that communications need to go out more frequently (hence the blog and twitter). I’ve also learned that writing is not as automatic as doing yard work or building shelving or bookcases or even reading a book.

Ultimately time has been my greatest challenge. Exploring the wealth of research, TED Talks, and news articles focused on progressive education, science, math, reading and writing, community, constructivism, state and national trends in education, etc takes time. So does reflecting, developing ideas, and crafting them into an entry that is at least somewhat connected to our community.

The final lesson I have learned from my adventure is that we are truly fortunate to belong to such a diverse and engaging community of learners. Having too many fantastic things to share, too many wonderful learning opportunities to describe, too many field trips to capture, too many positive adult child interactions to document them all, too many to write in a single letter/article/blog, is a wonderful problem to have.

So I am happy to continue to carve out a little more time each day to share with you as much as I can about our community and the learning experiences of your children. If you have any suggestions or ideas, on topics you would like to hear or see more about, I invite you let me know. Drop by the office, catch me around school, call me, or send me an email.

Look for Tweets (sp?) about what we are doing on our Learning Day and this coming Monday and our 4-8th grade math training on Tuesday!

Have a wonderful three-day weekend! See you on Tuesday!



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March 28, 2014 · 7:13 pm

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