A blog by Howard Gardner on a study of human character.

I recently read a review of James Heckman’s, The Myth of Achievement Tests, by Howard Gardner and wanted to share it with you. (Click on the title of the blog to see his review).

In addition to learning a new word, I was interested in his exploration of moral and character education. I’ve attached the link to his post in the title of this blog and invite you to read his work.

The new word I learned is “lacuna”. The Oxford English Dictionary Online tells us that, “A la-cu’-na [luh-kyoo’nuh] is “a hiatus, or missing portion . . . in a manuscript, an inscription, or the text of an author.” It is derived from lacuna, the Latin word for a hole or pit. The word admits two plural forms — lacunae [luh-kyoo’,nay] or lacunas — as well as an adjectival form, lacunal.

Thanks Howard!

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April 3, 2014 · 7:03 pm

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