10 Things About Digital Learning and Students (click on this to see presentation!)

I recently came across this presentation from Project Tomorrow about digital learning. According to the presentation, they derived the information from online surveys and focus groups reaching 3.4 million people since 2003. Considering the caliber of our program and the personal attention our students receive, I’m not sure that online math would be the greatest priority for us, however, providing a more personalized approach to learning is right up our alley. Take the presentation with a grain of salt and consider which elements would be most useful for exploring at McAuliffe.

1. Mobile Devices
2. Internet
3. Video
4. Empowering opportunities – Mobile devices for learning
5. Empowering opportunities – Different tasks = different tools
6. Empowering opportunities – Digital Footprints
7. Aspirations – Online Learning
8. Aspirations – Games within learning
9. Aspirations – Using social media in school
10. Aspirations – Using mobile devices in learning


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April 21, 2014 · 6:36 pm

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