Summer has nearly arrived!

“Trust thyself, every heart vibrates to that iron string.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Two and a half days left of school and it is almost… finally time for me to acknowledge that we have reached that time of the year…

I can’t help but resist as Mother’s Day, Ben’s Class play, our Art Show, Gold Country, Father’s Day celebrations, and 8th Grade Exit projects are so fresh in my mind. As I walked around the track this morning for our walk in the  fight against cancer, I couldn’t help but smile. The end of the year is as engaging, fun, and exciting for our students…and parents…and faculty, as the beginning!

We experienced hardship and loss this year. There are times when we all will need help and times when we are able to help those in need. This makes us human and part of a community. Take your time as we move forward and begin the healing process. This is not a race, but a journey and we travel at our own pace in this lifetime.

We also shared tears of joy and laughter. We deepened friendships and have been incredibly real with one another. These are also the marks of a true community.

As you begin the summer vacation, enjoy the days ahead. Take time to read, explore, travel, and have great conversations with your children. Make time for your friends and family. Carve out time to discover something new about the bay area. I would also ask you to take time to reflect on the year we have just completed.

This year, I felt that I wasn’t able to read nearly as much as I’d like. Here’s my reading list for the summer. If you are reading something incredible, please share it with me. I’m always looking for my next adventure!

Have a wonderful summer and yes…it is now time… The end of the year is upon us. Thank you for your time, your energy, and for making this year incredible for the children, families, and faculty at McAuliffe.



Summer Reading List:

The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson
Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin
And for laughs:
Satyricon by Petronious,
La vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel, Rabelais
Wife of Bathe by Chaucer

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