Post Cards of our summer adventures!

Hi Everyone,

As the office winds down for the year, many of you have already begun a summer full of adventure and wonder.

If you have time, please send us a postcard, we would love to share where our families have been this summer.

McAuliffe School
12211 Titus Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070

Class lists will be posted tomorrow evening at 5pm. For your convenience, we will also send it out electronically at some point after the posting. We post the lists early so that you and your children will have an opportunity to connect with their classmates, have play dates, bbq’s, beach or park days, etc.

During the next few weeks I will also be taking some time to reflect on the year behind us and to recharge. I will be away from technology as much as possible during these weeks and don’t anticipate responding to email until I return to work at the beginning of August. However, once I am back at work, I will be sure to respond to your emails.

We wish all of you the very best, most relaxing summer ever! And we look forward to seeing you back in the fall.



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