Getting back to basics

October 5th marked the third anniversary of Steve Jobs passing.  One tech ezine ran this video and I felt compelled to share it with you.

Ken Segall and Rob Siltanen are credited with writing “The Crazy Ones”… And Craig Tanimoto came up with the “Think Different” slogan.  The commercial pulls from some of the most influential people in the past century and Steve connected personally contacted with the families and foundations of those who are portrayed.

In this video, I love that he calls his colleagues back to basics and challenges them to focus on their core values.

Rather than chasing after the greatness of others, or trying to explain why we are better, I’m reminded to hone in our own core values. Like Steve did with Apple, my goal is to share McAuliffe with others in a way that captures the love of learning, exploration, opportunities for growth, and personal empowerment. It is also my goal to support our faculty,  staff and parents as we provide those incredible opportunities for our students.

This year we continue down this path having completed the advanced course for Responsive Classroom and started the first of five Writers Workshop seminars. Our next learning day is October 24th. This will be the second Writers Workshop training for your teachers. We continue to explore the ways in which children learn best and apply these strategies in our classes every chance we get.

October is here and Halloween is right around the corner. Next week we have a meeting coming up around ideas that can enhance our learning community.

This summer, we will undergo major campus renovations. In the coming months, I’ll also be sharing how your bond dollars will be used at McAuliffe.

Let’s continue to embrace change and learning both in and outside of the classroom.

Thinking Different….allowing ourselves to be the “Crazy Ones”… To think and live and play outside the box… Sounds like a good idea.

Thanks Steve for your vision, passion, drive and energy! Thanks Rob, Craig, Ken, and Lee for your creative energy!

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