Welcome to 2015!

Welcome Back!
It has been wonderful catching up with so many of you and your children this past week. January seems to be more full than usual. This month expect to see class projects, field trips, school tours, information nights, variety shows and so much more!

We’re so glad that you are back with us! Get ready for an exciting 2015!

New Faces:
We have a new face on campus. Jeff Ottey joins us as our upper school PE teacher. We’re also excited to announce that Jim Hunts has expanded his role. He is still Susan’s IA and has added the role of our new PE IA. This assures that our physical education program will be aligned to our philosophy and approach to learning. Thanks Jim! Welcome Jeff!

Tours and Information Nights:
On Tuesday our faculty met to reflect on and revise our Parent Information Night. The conversation served as a powerful reminder of the high caliber of teaching and learning that takes place here at McAuliffe. It was exciting to listen to the teachers develop a plan for how best to communicate the information to prospective parents. Our second tour of the year took place Wednesday and I love that we have so many members of our community involved in sharing who we are, what we do, and why we’re here.

After each tour, a number of prospective parents express their gratitude for all of us making the time to provide a glimpse into our world and I wanted to share that gratitude with you. Whether you are leading a tour or aiding in class, your role here is critical to providing an incredible learning experience for your child(ren) AND all of the children on our campus. Our program is founded on the model of parent participation and we believe that it is not only beneficial, but a fundamental element to teaching and learning. Thank you for your service from all of the faculty, staff, and students at McAuliffe!!

If you have friends interested in our program, please remind them that our tours and information nights are underway. Signups for these can be found on our website.

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