Brain Science Math

Last night Katie shared this video with her kinder parents at their class meeting featuring Jo Boaler, professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University. The video is a part of the “How to Learn Math for Teachers and Parents” series Jo created.

I particularly liked her charge at 3:53 that, “…as teachers, our job is really to disrupt the trajectories of students who haven’t had challenging experiences.” I like the call because it applies to all students and demands that we know where our students are in order to ensure their learning experiences are meaningful, challenging, and continued opportunities for growth. One of the reasons I love working at McAuliffe is that our faculty strive daily to ensure this is happening and continue to seek ways to improve the teaching and learning for children and adults.

Jo’s summary:

1. Every child can excel in mathematics.

2. The potential of the brain is huge.

3. Every new learning experience can change one’s ability.

If you liked this video or are interested in resources on math education, Jo’s Youcubed website: offers a wealth of resources and courses on math.

Thanks Katie for sharing this exciting information and engaging parents in conversation around teaching and learning!!


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2 responses to “Brain Science Math

  1. Love all her stuff. It would be great if we could get her to come to talk to our parents about math.

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