Welcome back McAuliffe Community!

Classic Quotes from the week:
Have you ever heard a catchy phrase that just fits with where you are in life?? I’ve had a few zingers and I wanted to share them with you.

“You can’t build a house without swallowing some dust.” – Mike, a district employee, was digging up the parking lot to find a water leak to patch, when he shared that gem. We’ve all had more than our fair share on this project. It’s coming along and it is going to be fantastic! I can’t wait for it to be done!!

“Right tool for the right job…” – Demi. The wrench on my Leatherman snapped in two while I was trying to remove a nail sticking up in the asphalt. So True!! I laughed for a good five minutes on that one…after I found a better tool and yanked out the nail…

Hopes and Dreams:
The first two days have flown by! With the flurry of activity on campus, please take time to breathe and enjoy the sites and sounds as the new year unfolds.

Last night, I attended the 2nd grade class meetings. It was so nice to see old friends and new faces. Al-Husein caught me off guard when he asked, “What are your hopes and dreams?”

Sometimes being asked a question when you’re off guard is really the best time to answer.

I told him…and the rest of the 2nd grade parents, that my hope this year is that, in addition to taking care of the school, the kids, the parents, and our faculty, that I would also take care of myself.

Countless times, I’ve advised people that it is crucial to have balance in your life and like many, I struggle with that same issue.

So for me “taking care of myself” looks like exercising 3-5 times a week, spending time enjoying my daughter’s first year of high school and rooting for her in her activities. It means reading a few sci-fi books and learning to play my ukulele… at least a song or two. It also means making time to write and reflect on all the good that is happening in my life, and so much of that is due to being a father, having great friends and family, and being part of this wonderful community.

Thanks Al-Husein for giving me a chance to share! I look forward to hearing from you about your Hopes and Dreams! And on that note, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to think about your hopes and dreams for the year for yourself, your family, your child, and for McAuliffe. Share them with one or two people who can follow up with you and help make them a reality!

Thank you PFG!
Our staff was treated to a lunch provided by you, the PFG, on the first day of school! Our community is the best!

Welcome back everyone!


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