December Reflections…


This afternoon, I’m taking a few moments to sit back and reflect on where we have come and what the year has brought us so far. A lot has happened this year.

Here at school: we have seen our entire campus changed through modernization, and while we are still fine tuning, the renovations are so exciting because your children, our teachers, and you, deserve to work and learn in a place that is designed to maximize learning experiences and foster a warm and caring environment.

We are also in our third year of Writers’ Workshop. It is so exciting to see our teachers refining their instructional practice and continuing to grow and learn along with our students and parents!

We have added amazing teachers, IA’s, and a librarian to our staff this year as well and they are running at full steam!

Around the world: Facebook analyzed the past year’s conversation on Facebook to reveal the most talked-about global topics:

  1. US Presidential Election
    2. November 13 Attacks in Paris
    3. Syrian Civil War & Refugee Crisis
    4. Nepal Earthquakes
    5. Greek Debt Crisis

Many of these things are beyond our control and yet they are happening in the world around us. It is important that we talk with our children about issues that concern them in ways that are appropriate for the maturity level and comprehension.

Some issues are easier to address than others.  If you are faced with a topic that you are unsure how to address consider checking in first with relatives, friends, and your child’s teacher. They may offer different points of view and have additional resources for you to consider.

As we head into this year’s vacation and the new year, I encourage you to reflect on your experiences and have a conversation with your family about them. Here are a few questions to consider:


  • What was your favorite thing you did as a family this year?
  • What was an unexpected joy this past year?
  • What was an unexpected obstacle?
  • With whom were your most valuable relationships?
  • What’s one thing you would like to do next year as a family?
  • What were the best books you read this year?


And as always, I wish you, your family, and your friends a wonderful and fun-filled time together. I hope that you experience something new and something incredible. That you laugh and play and spend time together and that you also have a bit of time for yourself as we prepare for 2016. We have many great things in store for you and your child(ren) when you return in January and look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Channeling my inner George Lucas (just in time for the grand opening) May the Force Be with You!

Happy New Year!




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