Why Denise Pope?


At the end of last year, the faculty began thinking about our all school community meeting and our needs as a community. In light of the continued transition to Common Core State Standards, school-wide modernization, and implementing new district curricula, we determined that a focus on work/life/school balance would be highly beneficial for everyone in the community.

The theme carried us late into spring and into the new school year. We wanted someone that resonated with our community and would provide new ideas and perspectives on teaching and learning. We reviewed numerous experts in the field, and found that Denise met our need and supported her findings with research as a practitioner and academic.

It was probably more than a happy coincidence that she and Madeline Levine, who joined us two years ago, work together. They are both strong child advocates and have worked tirelessly for years to support parents and educators in this endeavor both on the local and national levels.

And Denise was amazing! She spoke from the heart and with conviction backed up by research and reflection. I’ve spoken to several people last night and today about their take away, and EVERYONE walked away with something.

The challenges that I am going to work on are no tech in the bedroom for my daughter…and that means I need to model the same behavior.…I’m also going to work to create more regular daily family time that doesn’t focus on school.

How about you? What was one takeaway that you would like to try in the coming weeks? Share it with a close friend. And support one another with the challenge!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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