Ask me anything

  • Do you ever go off roading in your Jeep?

Yes! I love the being out doors and traveling to places that aren’t necessarily easily accessible because of the journey and the destination… There is something wonderful and rewarding for me about going to a place that few have travelled or experienced.

I’ve taken my Jeep to Hollister a few times. On the way to Tahoe there are several spots near Nevada City that are just a bit off the main drag and so scenic.

And I once took it on the emergency flood evacuation route near Mendocino when a downed tree blocked Hwy 1…which I did not know existed…and that was an incredible experience!

I still have a lot to learn about off-roading! I was surprised to learn that most of the roads we travel, including many dirt roads, are best ventured with 2 wheel drive and not 4. It’s good to be able to let the air out of your tires when off road…and even to have the ability to fill them back up once you are back on the blacktop. Who knew that off roading was a dirty business? Sooo much dust every time we go…. It’s AWESOME!

Who will you root for at the 49er v. Packer game tonight?

Well that was last week and I can tell you that I rooted for both teams (though I’d hoped that the 9ers would have more to cheer for!).

Growing up here, I love my Bay Area sports teams so you may wonder why I also have a soft spot in my heart for the Packers. As an adult, I have long appreciated the work ethic that Brett Favre and his teammates conveyed with a no whining, “get out there and play for the love of the game” kind of attitude. Not everyone gets to work in a career that they absolutely love and so I consider myself fortunate to be love my work and I recognize it and respect it in others!

But that isn’t why I chose the Packers…as a kid, I rooted for every team with green jerseys…A’s…Packers…

And the old Atari hockey game had a team in green. I thought it was Edmonton, but it may have been the Minnesota North Stars.

  • When did I first become a Harry Potter fan?

I read a friends pre-released version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s  Stone in early 97 and have been hooked ever since…Yes. I read the Cursed Child and yes it was mind blowing in terms of possibilities.

  • How do I magically show up at just the right time?

I’m not sure how to answer this one…Maybe its that there isn’t so much a “right time” at McAuliffe.  Good things tend to happen all over our school community, all the time. So if good things are happening all the time, then any time is the “right time”. I do what I can to catch some of the wonder and joy in learning both from kids and adults and love being able to share in it and share those experiences with others. The good news is that there really is a lot of incredible learning taking place on our campus and we are ALL responsible for and, an important part of, making that happen.
Look for the next edition in a few weeks.

Have a wonderful three day weekend!

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