Community is more than a unit of study at McAuliffe.

Hi Everyone,

This has been an eventful week filled with opportunities for us to come together and learn and grow as a community. We started with a celebration of Diwali Luncheon help for our faculty by members of our community. It was heart warming! The conversation and time were filled with joy and caring. The food was delicious!

At our All PFG Community Meeting, last Tuesday, we continued the focus on Community. Conversations in each of our break out groups were lively and open. The big questions were “How does “community” support learning?” and “What’s My Part in the McA Community?” Each of us has a role, a voice, and the responsibility of making our community a better place. The conversation was excellent. And the singing toward the end of the night was impressive. If you haven’t completed your flag for the community, please be sure to do so and turn it in next week! We will be putting them up around

We continued our community focus yesterday with a school-wide disaster drill entitled the “Great Shakeout”. ( This is a large scale earthquake drill. While it usually occurs in the morning, we mixed it up this year and held the event in the afternoon. We did this because we realize that a major event can occur at any time and want to be prepared for it.

During today’s Learning Day the staff spent the morning focused on emergency preparedness and completed a training on the Incident Command System. This afternoon we will examine our math program and discuss changes to the MARS assessment.  

In the week ahead, we will see several classes heading on expeditions around the bay area and beyond.

Halloween Parade October 31

I’ve had a few inquiries about Halloween Costumes. First off, Thank you! For being proactive!!  

Our Halloween Parade will be held on October 31. The general expectation that we use for costumes is that they will not scare other students or adults. Here are our guidelines:

  • All Costumes should be age and event appropriate
  • No face paint that is overly scary, bloody, or gory
  • Costumes should not be overly scary, bloody, gory or violent, (this includes costumes for adults… and adults are encouraged to dress up!
  • Masks should not completely obscure the face. Non-bloody/gory masks can be worn on top of the head to complete the outfit with teacher’s permission. Otherwise teachers recommend face paint, noting the above regarding face paint
  • If your costume includes an additional accessory, such as a light saber, you must check with the classroom teacher.
  • All adults should be readily recognizable

Please be sure to have your child speak with their teacher BEFORE Halloween if they have questions about their costume. It would be unfortunate if a student failed to do this and was unable to wear their costume because it didn’t meet our guidelines.

Enjoy your weekend!

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