Believe the Warning Captions on 13 Reasons Why…

Again this most likely will only apply to our families with high schoolers and/or middle schoolers.

I finished the series last night. It was difficult for me to watch. My daughter and her high school (Los Gatos HS) classmates were very excited to watch this series. I wonder if the same is true at other schools…

Knowing the content, I didn’t want her to go through this alone so I jumped in.

WARNING : Episodes 10 – 12 are GRAPHIC and depict sexual assault and rape. Episode 13 has a horrible and very realistic suicide scene.

It’s a difficult thing to realize that we don’t always know what our children are thinking. It is even more concerning that suicide accounts for “1/3 of young people ages 15 – 24.” (APA see link below.)

If you, or your child need to talk with someone about Suicide or suicide prevention here are a few links:…/…

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