April showers bring May flowers…

“Education must be not only a transmission of culture, but also a provider of alternative views of the world & a strengthener of the will to explore them.” – Jerome Bruner

April showers bring May flowers…Based on the rain we’ve had this year we can certainly expect quite a vivid display of beauty and flowers this spring!

On Wednesday, I went to Project Look with Susan’s class. First, it is an incredible, hands on lesson in the arts, culture, and society. The docents worked equally well with our 1st graders as they did with Andrew’s 4th/5th class who arrived just as Susan’s class was leaving for lunch.

The conversation between the docents and students was fun to listen to. I observed that our 1st graders tended to be as on task and interested in the various exhibits as the 4/5 ‘s later in the day.

Once they completed the hands-on portion of the trip, I had a chance to ask them about their favorite exhibits and what appealed to them.  I noticed the depth of their connections to the art and the world around them and each student had one or two exhibits that appealed to them.

Yesterday was a rejuvenating and energizing time for all. We started the morning off with a ribbon cutting ceremony for our new track. After years of debate, negotiation, and planning, the dirt track has been replaced through the generous donation of our parent community.

Vicki, one of our amazing kinder teachers, kicked off the event by cutting the ribbon and opening the track to all of our community.

It was fun to watch the joyful and rather spontaneous reaction of the students, and they immediately took to the new track. Some sprinted, some jogged, some walked, some skipped, and some wheeled! A few students even ran a full mile!

The festivities didn’t end there! At the end of the day we had a faculty-middle school basketball game which was VERY CLOSE! We also had our community ice cream/face painting activities. Music, games, running, playing. There was something for just about everyone and frankly, we could all do with bright spots like this in our lives.

In the coming months, the district is working to provide additional upgrades to our field. They have already started replacing sprinklers that were broken and hope to complete that work soon. This summer we will also see the pitted areas of our field filled in and then hydroseed will be used to fill any areas needing additional grass. Here’s an explanation of the technique: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/hydroseeding.

One of the reasons I love our community is the joyful learning environment that we work together to provide. When you seek the best in others by focusing on their strengths, presuming positive intent in their actions and allowing yourself to learn, grow, and make mistakes, you become a powerful role model for your own child(ren) and the many students (and adults!) on our campus. Thank you for making McAuliffe an amazing place to learn and grow.

Spring break is upon us. Have a wonderful adventure! We look forward to your return.




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