April News pt2

Hi Everyone and welcome back!

I hope that your spring break was filled with curiosity, exploration, and joy!

Track Update:
The week before we left, we had a fun ribbon cutting for the track. It’s officially open and the hurricane fence is finally down and off campus. The last steps will be to replace the backstop next to the ball wall, remove the old broken one, and repair the gate which was damaged during the track installation.

Spring Overnight Adventures are in full swing:
Last night we had three class meetings. It was exciting to listen to and observe the parents prepare for their children’s Elkus and Mendocino trips. One thing that I noticed was that the parents were calm and relaxed throughout the entire conversation. This is a dramatic change from their expressions on their child’s first overnight. It occurred to me that part of the relaxed attitude they portrayed was due to their level of expertise and comfort with the trip. It may also have been due to the fact that their children have already engaged in one, if not many, overnight trips and frankly this is another exciting adventure waiting to happen.

I love that the level of collaboration with our parents is so high. They worked together to develop their roles in the same way that our students work collaboratively on their projects. Parent voice is an important element in our program! There was lot of discussion, suggestions, and laughter at McAuliffe last night…and a few ewws with the barf bag convo.

Something that occurred to me while standing in the back of Andrew’s room is that I know these parents…and their families and I have for quite some time. It was a little unnerving. Thinking about your kids and how they have grown over the years. Hey! I didn’t cry or anything, but inside, I had a warm and very grateful feeling because it is truly an honor to work with you and your children. It’s been 6 years together for many of us. As in any relationship there have been ups and downs and in the end, we are all here for the children and that is what makes this place such an incredible community.

Next week, I will join the 1st graders for part of their hike and then head to Mendocino to see what all the hoopla is about. I believe that I have now joined all but a dozen trips that our students regularly participate in. I go on our field trips to increase my understanding of the teaching and learning our students engage in; to continue to grow my relationship with the students, faculty, and parents; and, to better advocate for the elements of our program.

We strongly believe that learning can happen anywhere. Our adventures fully support this idea, and model its importance by giving students an opportunity to practice and explore outdoor learning first hand.

Welcome back and have a wonderful weekend!


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